Why Do All Songs Are About Love

Can we take heed to music once we are in love and we’re joyful? No, we often don’t. We then take heed to the music of our hearts that beat in tune to the one beloved.

We take heed to songs about love when it’s dangerous instances for our love or once we are lovesick.

Pragmatically the musicians know that songs about struggling love are probably the most money-making. The reason being that folks need someone to be current close to them in instances they’re in love grief, for someone to articulate their struggling. It’s referred to as empathy in psychology. That is the method when someone shares the identical emotions as you do. Musicians are psychologists. They remedy our souls with their music.

Then again: an excessive amount of of unhappy depressive music catalyzes of your sufferings. Some bands even “advise” their addressees to leap off the roof. Assume one has to understand that very figuratively. Such suicidal motifs could be principally discovered within the repertoire of “Muse”.

The lexicon of the songs about love can also be so filled with the phrases like “damaged”, “damage”, “coronary heart”, “solely you”. “Radiohead” makes use of additionally the phrase “bruise” as the choice. And the pronoun “you” is probably the most extensively used.

The saddest factor is that everyone who listens to a music about love imagines oneself on the place of the singing one and at all times desires to handle the one he/she loves however is unable of that.

Nonetheless, songs about love show that this sense is just not solely the chain of chemical reactions. It’s greater than that…

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