Taapsee Pannu Paparazzi Argument : Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is one of the most bold and outspoken actresses in the industry. Whatever Taapsee has to say, she speaks on the injury and does not hold back in arguing. Recently something happened that Taapsee got into an argument with the paparazzi. Taapsee got angry at the paparazzi and started speaking why they are shouting at her. After this the photographers also did not remain silent and they also gave a befitting reply to the actress.

What is the whole matter..
Actually, both of these Taapsee Pannu are promoting their upcoming film ‘Dobaara’. Which is going to be released on August 19. In this connection, recently Taapsee reached a hotel in Mumbai where she got into an argument with the paparazzi. The video of this entire debate is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are also making fun of Taapsee after watching the video.

Arguing with the paparazzi..
It is seen in the video that as soon as Taapsee reaches the hotel, the paparazzi run after her to click her photo and continuously ask her to stop, but Taapsee does not stop. Going ahead, the actress stops at one place and says ‘Why are you scolding me? What is my mistake in this? You talk to me politely.’

On this the photographer says, “We have talked to you politely. We have been standing for you since 4:30.” Hearing the photographer, Taapsee says, “Talk to me in a manner. I am doing my work. I have come at the time at which I was called. You talk to me politely. Right now the camera is only on my side, so only my point is visible. If the camera was on your side then you would have known how you are talking to me. Watch the full video of the actress and the paparazzi arguing.

In the end of the video, you can see that Taapsee says, “You guys are always right, the actor is wrong, take photos.”

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