Vicky Kaushal Father Sham Kaushal Cancer Battle: Fighting with a dangerous disease like cancer is equal to fighting with life and death. Actor Vicky Kaushal’s father Sham Kaushal also had to deal with stomach cancer and he won in this battle. However, as you can imagine, how difficult the journey must have been for him till he beat cancer. Even thoughts of committing suicide started coming in his mind. But in this battle of cancer, he got the support of his loved ones and he managed to win this battle.

Vicky’s father completed 42 years working in the film industry in the evening. On this occasion, he also expressed his pain about the battle of cancer in the conversation.

Anurag Kashyap gave full support

The people of the film industry also supported him in the cancer fight of the evening. In particular, he mentioned filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. He told how Anurag refused to work on the film ‘Black Friday’ without him. Sham also tried to return his signing amount to him, but he did not take it and said that work on the film will start only when he is completely fine and unable to return to work.

,target, Pain started after shooting

Talking to TOI about his stomach cancer, Sham said that in September 2003, after returning from the shooting of Hrithik Roshan’s film ‘Lakshya’, he suddenly started having stomach pain. Later, during the shooting of Shyam Benegal’s film ‘Netaji Subhashchand Bose’, he decided to get checked at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai.

Went to the hospital with Nana Patekar

Sham also revealed that once he had visited Nanavati Hospital with actor Nana Patekar. After the evening surgery, the doctors told Nana that she had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He was treated for about a year and then his health gradually improved.

had decided to kill

Sham Kaushal said, “I did not know whether I would be alive or not. I didn’t tell anyone about this.” Sham had become so upset about his illness that he had even made up his mind to commit suicide. He said, “I felt there was no chance for me to survive. I have even decided that I will give my life by jumping from the third floor, because I cannot live like this.

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